The Best Weave Installation in Hillside

Get the best hair weave with quality installation and maintenance services at The Weave Shop Hillside. Reach out for any of the following services.

Silver Weave – $55

We offer a $55 special for those looking for our Silver Weave services. We leave a portion of your hair out to cover the track. This service comes with a trim and a flat iron.

Silver Weave – $75

Enjoy all the benefits of the Silver Weave along with a detailed cut.

Gold Weave – $90

This service is ideal for those who want complete closure where none of their hair left out. Gold Weave services come with any desired cut.

Platinum Weave – $99

This is our best hair weave! Whether you struggle with bald spots thinning hair, or just want more wear out of your weave, the Platinum is the right choice. The net secures the braids, and you choose whether you want hair left out or closed in.

Lace Closure – $125

This service allows you to achieve a natural look without having any of your hair left out.  This lace closure package comes with a soft net for security, a detailed cut (such as a bang, layers, or bob) trim and flat iron.  Bleached knots add $20.

Lace Frontal – $155

This service allows you to wear a piece that goes around the full perimeter of your hairline, which allows you to have
none of your hair left out. This allows you more flexibility in how you wear your hair. This package comes with a soft net for security, a detailed cut (such as a bang, layers or Bob) trim and flat iron. Bleached knots add $20. Tweezing add $25.

What’s Included in Our Hair Weave Installations?

Our Sew-In Packages come with our express double tracking technique. It includes two packs / hair bundles of your provided hair.  Curls are not included in any of our packages.

If you are ready for a new weave or retouch service, please give us a call! We look forward to seeing you at our salon.