Get Your Best Hair Now with Our Hair Salon Services

Get pampered with the finest hair salon services and beauty products on the market. The Weave Shop Hillside offers total hair care. From a luxurious shampoo to deep conditioning, we ensure your hair is at its absolute healthiest.


Remove excess oils, dead skin, and product build-up with a deep wash from one of our professional stylists. This sets us up to provide the best possible style. Next, we provide a deep conditioning treatment to make your hair healthier than ever.

Blow Dry

Drying your hair demands a certain technique, and we understand that. Allow our team to fully dry your hair so you can move through the world with confidence.


We treat your curls with care and precision. Tell us if you want yours tighter or looser and we’ll make it happen. Get quality style every time you visit us at The Weave Shop Hillside!

Flat Iron

Receive professional flat iron treatment from our stylist to ensure the best outcome. No uneven results, no missed spots — just beautiful, sleek hair.

Book Your Hair Salon Services

For any of our quality services, please get in touch with our team today and schedule your appointment. We look forward to seeing you in our salon soon.