Here at The Weave Shop, we understand that you have many salons to choose from when it comes to getting a quality weave installation in Hillside. You want extensions that are going to make you feel beautiful without breaking the bank, and that is exactly what you can expect when you choose our salon. So what sets us apart from the competition? In today’s post, we’ll review the wide variety of services that we offer and why you should be sure to call us first when you need your hair done. Let’s get started!

Services We Offer

Weave Installation and Maintenance

First thing’s first — we wouldn’t call ourselves The Weave Shop if we didn’t offer several types of hair weaves. We offer six different weave services from the most basic to the incredibly luxurious. These include:

  • $55 Silver Weave. This service leaves a portion of your hair out to cover the track and our stylist will trim and flat iron your hair.
  • $75 Silver Weave. Providing all of the benefits of the $55 Silver Weave, this service includes a detailed haircut by an expert stylist.
  • $90 Gold Weave. This service offers a customizable weave installation that lets you choose whether your hair is left out or closed in.
  • $125 Lace Closure. No hair is left out with this installation, allowing you to achieve a completely natural, custom look. This service comes with a soft net, a detailed cut, as well as a trim and flat iron service.
  • $155 Lace Frontal. This service offers the ultimate flexibility as it is a hair weave that covers the perimeter of your hairline, leaving none of your hair out. It also comes with a soft net, a detailed cut, as well as a trim and flat iron service.

Regardless of the type of weave installation chosen, our clients get the benefit of our express double tracking technique and two hair bundles. We also offer affordable retouch services when needed so that you can be confident with your hair. Why do we do it? We believe our clients deserve only the best!

Why Choose Our Weave Installation Services?

Beyond enjoying the option to choose from a variety of weave services, there are plenty of other reasons to choose The Weave Shop for your weave installation services in Hillside:

  • 100% virgin Brazilian human hair. The best weaves start with the best hair and we only use real human hair in our installations.
  • Experienced stylists. You can have confidence knowing that your hair is in good hands with our experienced, professionally trained team.
  • Appointments and walk-ins accepted. Set an appointment for your installation or walk in when you need one — the choice is yours!
  • Professional, relaxing environment. Enjoy being pampered as you take in the relaxing ambiance of our salon.

Cut, Color, and Relaxer Services

Beyond offering the best weave installation and maintenance services in Hillside, our stylists are here to provide you with the best haircuts, hair coloring, and relaxer services in town. Straight or curly, short or long, our team knows how to cut every type of hair. We can help you explore different types of cuts or we can trim your ends to keep them healthy.

Likewise, our permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent coloring services are great for injecting personality into your hair, whether it is with highlights, lowlights, or a bold pop of color. Keeping your roots concealed and creating a new look has never been easier.

While we believe that natural, textured hair is beautiful in its own right, we can also appreciate that some individuals may prefer a look that is more sleek. Our full, partial, and touch-up relaxer services are great for extending your current style or completely revamping your look. Tell us your hair goals and we will help you achieve them!

Wash and Style Services

Prepare to be pampered when you step into The Weave Shop — our wash and style services will leave you looking and feeling like royalty. Our total hair care services start with a gentle yet thorough deep wash that is designed to remove excess oil and product build-up on your hair while exfoliating away dead skin cells. Our signature deep conditioning treatment replenishes moisture, offering the right balance of keratin and protein that your hair needs to shine. This service is incredibly relaxing and forms the foundation for the best possible style.

Once your hair is cleansed and conditioned, our stylists will take the time to blow dry it properly. They have the skills and experience needed to dry your hair with the special techniques that textured hair needs to look its best. Dry hair can then be styled as you desire, whether that be with full-bodied curls, perfect waves, or sleek lengths. You tell us the style you’d like to achieve and we will make it happen.

Hillside’s Best Weave Installation

Once you have your hair done at The Weave Shop, we are confident that you’ll agree with us when we say that we provide the best weave installation in Hillside. Whether you are coming in for a routine maintenance appointment or a fresh, new install, you can rest assured that our stylists will treat you like the queen that you are — all without emptying your bank account. Ready to get started? Contact us today to book your appointment!

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